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You want to work with a call center company who cares about your customers. You want agents who speak your brand. You want your service to be a competitive advantage in your market. We can help.

Our Unique Approach

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Up to 67% of customers say they refuse to do repeat business with a company when they encounter a poor experience. Why settle for less? Discover how you can unlock your businesses service potential.

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Who are we?

We’re a company of Customer Experience and Growth Enthusiasts
here to Serve you and your Brand

In today’s competitive markets, it’s may not be enough just to have a great product or service for your customers. Let your post-sales service be the difference. Gain a competitive advantage, let us put on a smile for your most challenging customers and let us leave them wanting more of your product or service.

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Sales – The most Important function in a Business

Let our sales team drive revenue and grow your companies bottom-line.

Many business owners fail to recognize how important selling is to their success. World-class products and services won’t sell themselves, we can help. Let our team develop a sales solution for your business that will keep your company growing.

Customer Service BPO Agent and Product Solutions

24/7×365 Award Winning support in 2017 for less than the cost of answering your own calls.

How do you rank amongst your competition
in Customer Loyalty?

While we aren’t a research & development consultant firm that will help you perfect your products & services features, attributes, and benefits, customer feedback might just be the ticket you’ve been missing to help you improve. With our intelligent feedback system, we’re able to relay customer surveys and product feedback directly to you. Allowing your operations team to know how much (or even little) your customers are enjoying the products and services you’re marketing and selling to them.

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Customer Service Outsourcing

It’s no longer enough to just have your call center vendor answer the phone, greet your customer and try to resolve the call in a timely manner.

What you really want is your service and your provider to be innovative and provide your brand with a competitive advantage over your competition. We understand this business, and we’re here to help you achieve your vision.

Tools that will get results!

We’ve brought two tools to the market that have revolutionized the way a call center operates internally and externally. The first is our agent interface which integrates directly and seamlessly with your CRM applications, that’s right multiple CRM’s at one time. The second is our proprietary reporting engine allowing you to gain immediate insight into the success of your campaign without having to view a spreadsheet or PDF that got lost in your email.

The best way to promote your products and services is through referral marketing. We will help improve your ROI.

Words From Our Clients

What was your biggest objection or fear prior to hiring us? Did it come true, and if not, what did happen?
We are very proud of our business and care about our customers, so my main fear was that having an external team handle this important part of our client support the results would be subpar. However the processes you have in place and people that handled our account proved those fears to be unfounded. We’ve very happy with how emphatic your agents are and how your team managers, specifically Russ and Jaime, handle our requests.

What has been your favorite part or experience in working with us, and why?
Our favorite part was getting a glimpse in to just how optimized and detailed your processes are. There’s a contingency made for every possible scenario, and all we had to do was provide you with our product information and we were ready to plug the call center in. I was expecting we’d have to work with you on scripts and micro-manage the whole process but it was extremely quick and painless set up.

If you were to recommend us to one of your best friends, what would you say?
Go for it, they’re exactly what we needed and I can’t imagine how another company would be better from what we’ve seen so far. Friendly team, experienced agents, quick responses – they know what they’re doing!


What was your biggest objection or fear prior to hiring us? Did it come true, and if not, what did happen?
We had no objections working with PerformTel. We’ve seen what you guys are capable of and how you compare to other call centers and PerformTel is head and shoulders above the rest.

What has been your favorite part or experience in working with us, and why?
The communication from your team to ours. It’s like having a true partner on the front line of our campaigns keeping us in the loop to what our customers are saying.

If you were to recommend us to one of your best friends, what would you say?
PerformTel understands the call center game from an Internet Marketer’s perspective better than anyone in the space. We’ve worked with a variety of call centers and PerformTel is by far the best we’ve ever worked with and has enabled us to scale with ease.


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To have a World-Class Company,
you need to have great people running it.

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