Where is Performtel Located?

Our Headquarters is located in Hopkins Minnesota, 15-minutes outside of beautiful downtown Minneapolis. Our satellite location is in Ramsey Minnesota, about 30 miles from Minneapolis. All of our customer service and sales team members work in either our Hopkins or Ramsey locations. PerformTel will have a 3rd location open and operational by the Spring of 2017.

How many agents and stations do you have?

PerformTel is an award winning, boutique call center services company with over 200 workstations and 300 full-time and part-time employees.

How many overnight agents do you have on weekdays and weekends?

PerformTel is able to support up to 100 agents overnight and can be expected to support similar amounts on weekends.

How many simultaneous calls can you handle across the call center at any given time?

Performtel can proudly serve over 10,000 customers on any given day. We are able to handle multiple simultaneous calls and work carefully to ensure all customers receive the priority they deserve.

How many call center locations does PerformTel have?

PerformTel has two locations in the Midwest and a 3rd location internationally. PerformTel will be opening a 3rd domestic location in 2017.

What are the hours and days of operation?

PerformTel is open 24 hours Monday to Friday and 6 am to 6 pm Saturday and Sunday Central Standard time, 365 days a year. We believe in providing the best performance throughout the holiday seasons.

What is the approximate amount of time it takes to set up a campaign?

Depending on the complexity of your business and number of campaigns, the typical range is 5 to 15 business days. We can provide you a rush setup for companies needing to transition from other vendors and emergency situations.

Does your call center team have experience handling and processing product returns?

Yes, we provide services for product returns and customer retention. Our call center operators are experienced in multiple different situations and will always be able to help with the customer’s needs.

Describe your core competency?

Customer Service, Consumer Support, Inbound and Outbound Telesales, Order establishment, Lead Generation, Welcome Calling and more.

What are the main markets you serve?

Our main markets consist of but are not limited to E-commerce, Consumer Packaged Goods, Seasonal, Product recalls, Data and Security breaches, Retail, Identity Theft Protection.

Do you provide remote monitoring capability and data storage? Please provide costs, requirements, and storage parameters.

Yes. 90 days of call recordings are provided with our standard service agreement. There is an additional $75 charge for each month beyond 90 days of call recording storage. All recordings are accessible via FTP server.

Are PerformTel’s call centers PCI compliant?

Yes – we take our customers data integrity very seriously. We understand that customers data is highly sensitive and we have made significant investments to keep it that way.

Does PerformTel offer email support services?

Yes – we will integrate SMTP and/or POP information into our database to respond to customer tickets and other inquiries. We will put an SLA in place to ensure accurate and prompt response times.

Does PerformTel offer live-chat services?

Yes – We will integrate our chat script directly with your website(s) and manage visitor requests 24×5 and 6-6 on the weekends if needed.

How long has PerformTel been in business?

The company has been in existence for seven (7) years. PerformTel was originally founded as PerforMark360 in 2010. After the company began to grow it’s call center division, it closed the fulfillment and advertiser arm and the name was changed to PerformTel in 2011.

Does PerformTel offer SMS messaging services?

Yes – A cool feature we are developing right now will allow us to trigger an SMS upon wrapping up a call, this can send your customer or prospect a “Buy Now – Last Chance” offer to further monetize your data.

What business types are not a good fit for PerformTel?

Companies that are in need of 100+ seats starting out. At this time we are unable to support a business of that size. We do have a close partner with 1500 agent stations who we’ve worked with on other projects and they come highly recommended, working with various Fortune 500 companies.

Does PerformTel offer shared services?

Yes – We offer per minute and per call options in a shared environment. Our scripting and interface technologies allow our Customer Service and Sales professionals to work in a highly productive shared environment seamlessly.

Does PerformTel offer dedicated services?

Yes – For our customer’s who prefer a high-touch, intimate and seamless experience to have a dedicated workforce, we can staff dedicated teams from 2 up to 100 employee’s within 30-days. We also allow clients to visit us on-site and work with their dedicated teams directly, this provides another level of transparency and success.

Does PerformTel provide its clients with reporting details such as Daily/Weekly Contact Volumes and other KPI’s?

Yes – Our team will provide accurate and sufficient reporting to meet your needs. Working with your account manager will allow you to get the right reports at your fingertips allowing you to make insightful decisions for your business. We understand what companies need and we work to deliver on just that.

When working with PerformTel, do customers have an assigned Account Manager?

Yes – This is a key driver to the business that we believe in. Someone at PerformTel will be your business partner and serve as a main point of contact. This is essential to us for providing a world-class experience to clients.