Why Choose Us?

Industry leading companies choose PerformTel for
customer service and sales outsourcing, and here
are a few reasons they have told us why:

We Get Customer Service

It’s not enough anymore to have a great product. Over 60% of customer’s will do business with your company again if they feel they have gotten a good experience. Let us be the difference for your brand. We can help.

We Work Hard

Out Think, Out Hustle and Out Perform the Competition – We believe there’s a reason we’ve been one of the fastest growing private companies in the USA two years running, we work hard to prove it. If you don’t aspire to work hard, get a lot done, positively impact a lot of people and be part of something better – we may not be the company for you.

We Are Innovative

We didn’t get started in the call center industry to be “just another BPO”. Our team of innovators is working diligently everyday to build new and exciting applications to better serve our employees and to delight your customers.

We Encourage Personal Growth

We aspire to have every team member here grow personally and professionally. Whether you want to attend social events, buy a book, get a training course or spend a few minutes with a Sr. Manager, we want you to grow and develop your confidence and skills.

We Provide Competitive Pay

We want every member of our team to have the opportunity to earn a living wage. We give our team members both the development and advancement opportunities to achieve further, while making sure they can support their lifestyle while still having spending money for the weekends.

We Tackle your Businesses Challenges

The call center industry is known for high employee turnover and average paying jobs. While we may not be able to change the industry as a whole, we are building a different model – we want to be something better.

Don’t waste your time surveying, get concrete results!

Want to know More?
Here’s a few ways we’ve helped other companies…

  • Challenging Customers – Does your business model produce difficult or irate customers? No sweat. We will work diligently to delight your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Retaining Revenue from Returns, Refunds and Cancellations – Let our team apply systemic best practices to enhance your lifetime customer value. We’ll work with your customers (not against them) to achieve an outcome that reduces your return count, enhances their feelings towards your company and turn more initial customers into repeat buyers.
  • Increase your Revenues – We will make warm sales calls to your non-buyer leads, reselling them your product or service through verbal communication – increasing your business bottom-line.